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Kansas City Chiefs now have cap space; who should they spend it on?

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The Kansas City Chiefs now have more than $8 million in cap space following the Justin Houston contract. They don't have to spend any of the money. But if they did, here are three options.

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Evan Mathis

Mathis is one that Chiefs fans have talked about. It should be noted that Andy Reid said earlier this offseason that the Chiefs were NOT pursuing Mathis. That was back before the Justin Houston deal when the Chiefs had little cap space. So with a little more money, would the Chiefs be interested in Mathis?

James Jones

Jones said this back in June. It's not clear if the Chiefs actually contacted him or he's just positioned himself as a fit for the Chiefs. Jones was a 2007 third round pick by Green Bay so Chiefs GM John Dorsey is familiar with him. Jones played last year with another former Packers exec: Oakland GM Reggie McKenzie.

Reggie Wayne

It's not clear if the Chiefs would be one of those teams. I'm not really sure how much Wayne, 36, has left in the tank. If the price is right, I'd be interested in an offseason flyer to see what he has left but I wouldn't count on it.