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Chiefs GM John Dorsey on what took so long for Justin Houston's contract

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

You can blame the wait of the Justin Houston deal on bad cell phone service. Kansas City Chiefs GM John Dorsey was asked on a Wednesday conference call what took so long in getting Houston's deal done, the Chiefs GM said that he had bad cell phone service at his cottage in Wisconsin so sometimes he would have to go up to the top of the hill at the hardware store to talk.

He was joking. I think.

"This process has been going on now for 7-10 months," Dorsey told reporters. "What's good is that this kicks off a positive attitude for training camp."

Indeed, the Chiefs will have their first full squad training camp practice on August 1. And now the big question of the offseason -- will Justin Houston show up? -- has been answered as Houston signs what's being reported as a six-year, $101 million contract.

Dorsey had a few other things to say:

  • Dorsey opened up by talking about the patience that's needed in these deals. "These types of deals take a long time," he said
  • Dorsey said that he foresees many great years with the Chiefs and Houston ahead.
  • "I think [Houston's agent] Joel [Segal], he did a great job as well in this thing."
  • Dorsey wouldn't go into how they project contracts with players but said this is a fair deal for everybody.
  • Dorsey also said they'll have enough cap flexibility to do more contracts. Asked about a specific player (Dontari Poe), he said he has a lot of conversations with people.

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