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Justin Houston, Kansas City Chiefs will resume contract talks on Tuesday

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The deadline is Wednesday afternoon.

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

A slew of reports emerged on Monday afternoon regarding the status of the contract talks between Justin Houston and the Kansas City Chiefs. The reports say that the two sides will be resuming talks on Tuesday, one day ahead of the Wednesday deadline to do a long-term deal.

The hope here is that a deadline can spur some action as they tend to do. I'm not convinced that it will considering it seems that the two sides are far apart. Something has to give between the two sides if they're going to do a deal.

The question is how much Houston is worth. Our own MNChiefsfan took a look at JJ Watt's contract and came to the conclusion that Houston probably is worth Watt. You can debate that here.

I continue to believe that a deal will not get done, Houston will skip training camp and arrive sometime before the start of the season. That's just a prediction though. If I had inside info, I'd be telling you.