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Kansas City Chiefs come in at No. 7 in the "Pain Rankings"

Jamie Squire/Getty Images is running a series called the "Pain Rankings" where they look at some of the teams that haven't had a lot of good luck in franchise history. The Kansas City Chiefs are an obvious pick for this. They come in at No. 7 in's pain rankings.

I talked to Dan Hanzus of for this piece. He asked me if I thought the Chiefs were cursed. Here's what I said:

I think saying it's a curse is the easiest way to explain it and when you say the Chiefs are cursed in the playoffs, other Chiefs fans know exactly what you mean. So it's almost a unity thing among the fans. I don't actually believe there's some otherworldly thing going on here, but I think when it comes to sports curses I think this merits a mention. Run down the list of crazy things that have happened in the playoffs, it's crazy. There's only a few franchises that can match that.

Dan chronicles some of those painful experiences in his post.

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