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ESPN's future NFL power rankings have Kansas City Chiefs in the top 10

Rob Carr/Getty Images

ESPN's AFC West reporters were who asked who is the biggest threat to the Denver Broncos. The three teams not covering the Kansas City Chiefs said that it was the San Diego Chargers.

If you go to another area of the four letter network, they feel the Chiefs future is brighter than that. ESPN's future NFL power rankings have the Chiefs ranked ninth. This marks an increase of five spots from last year.

Mike Sando writes: "The Chiefs rose five spots into the top 10 thanks to improvements in drafting (19th to 13th), front office (17th to ninth) and non-QB roster (18th to 13th). Our voters saw the Chiefs as the team best positioned to overtake Denver in the AFC West now that the end appears very near for Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning. The coming season will determine to what extent San Diego and Oakland belong in that conversation."

The Chiefs are highest ranked AFC West team on the list.

ESPN's future power rankings is attempting to rank each team based on how well they'll do in the next three years. ESPN had three of their experts that I like - John Clayton, Louis Riddick and Sando - rate each team based on five factors: roster (excluding quarterback), quarterback, draft, front office and coaching.

When you break it down like that, the Chiefs should rank really well. They have a really strong non-QB roster, to the point where only one team has drafted more Pro Bowlers in the last decade than the Chiefs. That also hints at how well they have drafted. The front office under GM John Dorsey and coaching under Andy Reid both seem strong, too. As for the quarterback, the Chiefs are probably average or a little above average. If they had an Andrew Luck back there, they would probably be higher.

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