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Kansas City Chiefs coaching staff continuity is a rare thing

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

The Kansas City Chiefs are heading into the third consecutive year with their current head coach (Andy Reid), offensive coordinator (Doug Pederson) and defensive coordinator (Bob Sutton).

If that seems unusual, that's because it is. At least for the Chiefs.

The Chiefs haven't had the same head coach and offensive and defensive coordinator for three straight seasons since the 2003 season when Dick Vermeil, Al Saunders and Greg Robinson were running the show. Three years is all they got as Robinson was out the next year which brought in Gunther Cunningham.

"Yeah, I think that's important," Andy Reid said when asked about heading into year three with the same group. "Continuity is a big thing. [John Dorsey] has done a good job keeping players around here too, so that helps. But we all kind of know as a coaching staff where we're going, what direction we're going in and I think that's important. I think that's a good thing."

That has spread to the field as well. Reid said that the work getting done during OTAs this year is "way more functional" than it has been in the previous two years. That means practice is more efficient and that the depth is improving as well. The 2003 Chiefs started out great but ultimately failed to do what we've been waiting to see since 1994 -- winning a playoff game.

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