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Kansas City Chiefs position battles: No. 2 wide receiver is one to watch

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The Kansas City Chiefs have a handful of intriguing position battles, perhaps none more than the No. 2 wide receiver job. With no touchdown catches last year, the Chiefs receivers are a focal point. We know that Jeremy Maclin will be holding down the No. 1 spot but who will be the No. 2?

Andy Reid's first year in Kansas City saw Jamaal Charles (693 yards) and Dwayne Bowe (673) as the two leading receivers. After those two it was Donnie Avery (596) and Dexter McCluster (511).

Reid's second year in Kansas City Travis Kelce (862) and Bowe (754) as the leading receivers. Jamaal Charles (291) and Albert Wilson (260) followed those two.

If we can assume that Maclin and Kelce will be leading the Chiefs in receiving yards this year, who's next?

  • Albert Wilson was injured for much of OTAs but he came on strong at the end of the 2014 season which led to many of us penciling him in this spot.
  • Third round pick Chris Conley is a candidate here. It was speculated that the Chiefs cut Da'Rick Rogersbecause they were impressed by Conley, who was a Combine star.
  • Frankie Hammond, Jason Avant and others could figure in here someplace.

We've said before that Reid asks a lot of his receivers so that has usually led me to shying away from rookies in his system. Perhaps Chris Conley is different but I am still banking on Albert Wilson being the second receiver behind Maclin -- at least early on in the season. Conley may come on later as the season goes on but Wilson has a leg up in understanding the system. Plus, he actually produced last year when given the opportunity. If Hammond and Avant are playing a lot, the Chiefs are probably in trouble.

How do you see the No. 2 receiver job shaking out?

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