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Will the Kansas City Chiefs give Derrick Johnson a contract extension?

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

Giving a contract extension to a 32-year old linebacker may make you pause for a minute. Until you realize I'm talking about Derrick Johnson and the Kansas City Chiefs. Then it sounds a little more appealing.

DJ enters the final year of his contract and it's a unique one as he is also coming off an Achilles injury. Despite missing some time in OTAs, DJ is said to be healthy.

So will the Chiefs sign him to a contract extension?

I think they should but not just yet. The Chiefs should consider an in-season extension for DJ once he proves that he's back to his old self (or at least 90 percent of his old self, which is still a damn good linebacker). Let him play the first month of the season to show where he's at physically and if the Chiefs are comfortable with that then I could see them signing him to an extension.

The question then becomes how much you pay a 32-year old linebacker who has earned over $5 million per year in his last contract. I don't know what it would cost each side but the $18 million 32-year old Panthers LB Thomas Davis will earn over the next three years is a recent comparison.

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