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How can the Kansas City Chiefs get Marcus Peters on the field early on?

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Decisions about the Kansas City Chiefs 2015 season will be made in training camp which starts on August 1 and one of those decisions will be how to get Marcus Peters on the field in his first year.

The Chiefs have Sean Smith and Phillip Gaines as their top two corners. Smith is coming off a career year while Gaines made big strides from the start of his first year to the end of it.

So where does Marcus Peters fit in?

At least initially, Peters could be a starter. There is speculation that Smith could be suspended a game or two to start the season due to his DUI last year. The NFL hasn't said anything yet but that's hanging over the Chiefs offseason. If Smith is suspended, it's reasonable to think Peters could snag his starting spot while he's out.

If / when Smith is back, another option for the Chiefs would be to put Smith and Peters on the outside and Gaines on the inside. Smith was absent from practice on the final day of minicamp and the Chiefs had Peters running on the outside in his spot.

There are others competing for time, too. The Chiefs haven't forgotten about Marcus Cooper, who saw first team time when Smith was out during minicamp. Steven Nelson, who was a third round pick, saw some time on the outside during minicamp. Jamell Fleming was a starting candidate last year.

The Chiefs will need enough cornerbacks that even if Peters isn't a full time player he can be a productive player. This isn't quite the same situation as Dee Ford, who didn't play much last year. The Chiefs will have multiple corners on the field more often than they do three outside linebackers.

This is all to say that we're a ways from figuring out the Chiefs secondary situation. There is a lot to be decided during training camp.

It's Game Time.

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