C.J. Anderson says Tamba Hali hit him harder than any other player in 2014

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

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One of C.J. Anderson's favorite memories from last season was beating Justin Houston for a touchdown.

He says the biggest hit he took last year happened in the same game.

"Had to been that same Kansas City game," Anderson said during a phone interview after speaking to high school athletes at a Football University Denver Camp in association Gatorade’s Beat the Heat program Friday evening.

"Tamba Hali. We ran the play and (guard) Orlando (Franklin) didn't hit him cleanly like he wanted to, and I was kind of looking over at the linebacker thinking about the move I was going to make on him . . .

"I didn't see Tamba and he cleaned me."

The hit can be briefly seen at the 0:39 mark of the video below (h/t to stagdsp for pointing out the video in the comments).

The Broncos went on to win, 29-16, but Hali's hit is one Anderson will never forget.

Hali was recently named the game's 70th-best player by NFL Network, mostly in recognition of his pass-rushing prowess (he had 46 sacks during a four-year span), but he can also lay the wood.

Just ask C.J. Anderson.

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