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After Jeremy Maclin, who will be the Kansas City Chiefs No. 2 and 3 receivers?

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All, right, it's here. The moment we've all been dreading. The time of the year that makes us all wake up in a cold sweat as we agonize in our apprehension. The span of days that feels like waiting on the next novel of "A Song Of Ice And Fire" (well, for book readers. Haven't read them, don't intend to after sampling a few passages. Tolkien, Martin ain't).

Yes, the dreaded "summer hiatus" is upon us.

The NFL has done everything it can to be a year round league, and for the most part it has succeeded. However, Goodell and friends haven't quite come up with a way to fill the second half of June and (shudder) the whole month of July. Sure, there will be a couple of arrests (it's inevitable) to discuss, but beyond that this part of the year is as barren as it gets for football fans.

And so, we mailbag. I'll do what I can to get one of these out every other day or more as long as you all keep firing fun mailbag questions at me. So far, you haven't disappointed. @RealMNchiefsfan is the place to send them. We can do this, guys.

Barring the hamstring injury lingering and keeping him unhealthy, I very much believe Albert Wilson is going to take the No. 2 WR job and run with it. And run fast. I've written fairly extensive film reviews about the few snaps Wilson saw lasts season (here's one of them, if you're interested), and he's good at creating separation.

Wilson exceptional burst to get away from defenders down the field, and he's also shown the ability to make the kind of cuts necessary to get separation on short routes. He also tracks the ball well over his shoulder and is VERY impressive at gaining every possible yard once he's made the catch. I think he's got serious potential.

After him it's anyone's game. Jason Avant is a veteran who won't be terrible. Basically, if you want to see the field over Avant you can't be an awful player. There's value in that, believe it or not. Think of him as the bouncer at the WR group. You must get past Avant to get in the club. In a perfect world he doesn't see many snaps this year because younger players have beaten him out.

I found Chris Conley's college film pretty impressive. He's very fast, has good size, possesses adequate sharpness in his cuts when using proper footwork, and does a good job catching the ball with his hands. Word is he impressed at training camp, but we'll see how it goes when the pads come on. I refuse to hope that he'll be one of the top three receivers. I've been hurt before.

De'Anthony Thomas is a dark horse. If the team is legitimately going to use him more at wide receiver, his quickness (it's unnatural) makes him exceptionally dangerous.

As of right now I think it goes Maclin, Wilson, Avant, Conley, then everyone else, with DAT continuing to play more of a "specialty" role on packaged plays than a traditional slot wide receiver.

That's not an especially cheery outlook with Conley and DAT, but it's still June. By August I'm sure I'll have talked myself into them both being All Pros.

Oh, man, this could take awhile. I'm going to edit it to "guys who saw significant amounts of playing time who made me want to punch myself in the eye every time I remembered they were on the field."

First, I have to start with Mike McGlynn. Just on basic principle. I'm sure McGlynn is a perfectly nice guy, and I'm sure he's better at playing offensive line than almost anyone else on earth. Of course, when you're in the NFL you can be one of the best 100 people at something in the world and still be absolutely awful when compared with your peers. And McGlynn played guard for the Chiefs worse than I've seen it played. I'd never seen one position on the line so thoroughly destroy an offense.

But you all knew I'd name McGlynn. How about some others? For the sake of my sanity, I'm going to keep this limited to 2008 and after. Why then? Because my memory isn't what I'd like and there's no way I'm diving into an in-depth study of rosters from 20 years ago.

Mike Brown, 2009 edition

Mike Brown had a very good career with the Bears. At his peak he was an exceptional safety who could cover and play the run very well. Unfortunately for the Chiefs, by 2009 he had nothing left. Calling him "slow" at that point would be roughly like calling the Titanic "underwater." It's accurate, but doesn't seem to do justice to the reality of the situation.

I'm sure it was just as frustrating for Brown as it was for us. When was the last time you played some flag football, or pickup basketball, or played outfield? It's FRUSTRATING when your body can't do what your mind thinks it should.  "Yeah, I'll just run down that outlet pass and... nope, there it goes." Father Time, as they say, is undefeated. And Brown was a very clear example of that.

Mike Goff, 2009

I'm still 99% sure Mike actually retired after 2008, and upon getting a call from the Chiefs asked his twin brother Steve Goff (who had never played football in his life but was roughly the same size) if he wanted to make some cash. Steve said "sure," Mike gave him directions to Arrowhead, and we had our first ever NFL level body switch.

Kendrick Lewis, 2012

Lewis can play in a cover two defense where he's not expected to cover much ground. That is literally the most positive thing I am capable of saying about Kendrick Lewis.

I'm sure there will be many comments explaining to me who I missed. I want to say thanks in advance for that. I'd never know my own idiocy if you fine people didn't point it out.

We'll do this again soon. Together, we survive!

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