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Kansas City Chiefs survive injury scare with Derrick Johnson, Dontari Poe

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

Derrick Johnson and Dontari Poe missed practice due to injuries.


Actually ... it is a drill. These injuries are not serious.

I am currently enjoying the beach with Mrs. Arrowhead Pride and sacrificing this week's OTAs with the Chiefs but imagine my concern when I took a break from my Mai Tai and saw folks tweeting about DJ and Poe missing practice due to injury.

Luckily, this is not a big deal.

Herbie Teope of Chiefs Digest provides details in this post. DJ had some inflammation in his knee and Poe was dealing with a back issue. Again, as our old pal BJ said above, this is nothing serious. Here is the DJ / Poe story from the KC Star's Terez Paylor, including this picture of DJ watching practice:

DJ is the one you really worry about here considering he is coming back from an Achilles tear in Week 1 last year. He says he's going at it 100 percent but you still worry. Sounds like it's all good.

Nothing like an injury scare to wake you up while passed out on the beach after drinking too many Mai Tai's ... Oh, is that just me?

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