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Kansas City Chiefs OTAs can be hard to evaluate some players

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

The Kansas City Chiefs are hitting the practice field this week for another series of OTAs. These practices are a good thing because it gives some of the players, especially the new ones, a chance to learn the Chiefs offensive and defensive schemes.

It's not that easy to actually evaluate some of the position groups. You can learn a little bit about the quarterbacks and the receivers but the offensive linemen can't hit each other so I'm not sure exactly what you can learn other than where the Chiefs are lining them up.

OTAs are also a difficult time to evaluate defensive backs, particularly for the Chiefs. There is no live contact allowed so the Chiefs defensive backs can't be as physical as they want to. And, as you know, the Chiefs ask their defensive backs to be physical in press coverage.

"I like the way they are challenging each other within the rules," Andy Reid said of the defensive backs, who had multiple picks last week. "You can't tackle and you can't play bump, but they're doing a good job playing."

The same goes for pass rushers. Can they really go 100 percent after the quarterback?

Regardless of how easy or tough it is to evaluate certain players, OTAs are useful in a league where you see significant turnover year after year. The Chiefs just hope they pass the most important test out here -- no injuries.

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