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Latest update on Eric Berry from KC Chiefs head coach Andy Reid

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

I don't know how or where it started but there are some tweets going around that Eric Berry has officially beaten cancer. That is, unfortunately, premature at this point. The last two official updates we have on Berry came from Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid.

On May 26, Reid was asked how Berry was doing.

"Yeah, Eric actually is doing well," Reid said. "He is going to get his big end-of the school exam done here. So he has been through all of the treatments and now the doctor is going to sit down with him and go over exactly what the results of that are. And so we don't have that, Eric doesn't have it quite yet, but everything up to this point has been very positive from the doctor and from Eric, and so I think we're heading in the right direction with that."

Several weeks later, on June 12, Reid was asked if he had an update on the results of Berry's tests.

"No, actually, that probably won't happen here - he had a meeting with the doctors," Reid said. "The initial meeting I told you guys about is to give him answers to what's next. It's really this next meeting that they do that. They normally do that, I believe, after that meeting that I mentioned to you, it's normally three weeks after that. We're getting to right about that time."

Additionally, Travis Kelce saw Berry recently and said he looks really good. Here's a picture of Berry from his camp last week (via his Facebook page):

So hopefully we have some good (and official) news soon.

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