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Chiefs 2015 draft grades: Marcus Peters, Chris Conley give this class potential

Mel Kiper's 2015 NFL Draft grades are out and he's giving the Kansas City Chiefs a B-. Arrowhead Pride readers seemed to grade the Kansas City Chiefs just as hard. With over 4,000 votes in, Chiefs fans here at Arrowhead Pride have given the Chiefs the following grades:

Somewhere around a B makes sense to me. I can see where these Chiefs picks can get on the field and there is hope that they'll be productive. It's not like the Dee Ford pick where you legitimately wondered how KC would get him on the field (and still wonder that with Tamba Hali coming back).

There's potential for this to be an A class for the Chiefs. The last time the Chiefs had this many picks (10 in 2008) they picked Branden Albert, Brandon Flowers, Jamaal Charles and Brandon Carr. Give me two players at their impact and this is a good class already. So I can see the potential in this class.

Here's where folks graded each pick along the way:

1 (18) Marcus Peters, CB, Washington

2 (49) Mitch Morse, OL, Missouri

3 (76) Chris Conley, WR, Georgia

3 (98) Steven Nelson, CB, Oregon State

4 (118) Ramik Wilson, LB Georgia

I forgot to do a poll.

5 (172) DJ Alexander, LB, Oregon State

5 (173) James O'Shaughnessy, TE, Illinois State

6 (217) Rakeem Nunez-Roches, DT, Southern Miss

7 (233) Da'Ron Brown, WR, Northern Illinois

SB Nation: B-

Despite really disliking the Morse pick, I really like the majority of the Chiefs' draft. Doubling up on cornerbacks was a smart move and Peters could be one of the best players in the entire draft. Conley is a good vertical threat at receiverif he can clean up some technique issues. Wilson is a nice scheme fit coming out Georgia and could eventually turn into a starter. Nunez-Roches flashes disruptive ability on the defensive line.

Sports Illustrated: B

Assuming the Chiefs keep Marcus Peters in line, that pick at No. 18 will be a boon for their defense. Third-round CB Steven Nelson is a quality player, too, especially if the Chiefs use him in the slot. LB Ramik Wilson (No. 118) brings some depth and young talent to a spot lacking in both. And WR Chris Conley has massive upside, though opinions on his overall value varied a bunch. had him as a third-round talent; we had him in the fifth. The head-scratcher of Kansas City's weekend: Mitch Morse at No. 49. Morse can play all five positions across the line, so he has serious value. Yet, Andy Reid's claim that Morse would start off competing as the backup center tempers the expectations. A top-50 pick as a backup interior lineman? A-

Andy Reid got tremendous value at pick No. 18 and might have landed the top corner in the draft. Given the rough and rowdy division the Chiefs play in, Peters' ability to cover and be physical with receivers will be a nice fit. Morse will probably be a center and can be the final piece along the Chiefs' interior line. Conley was a workout wonder at the combine and will find a nice home on offense and special teams. Nelson is a scrappy corner who is a great value just within the top 100 picks.

Walter Football: C+

Yikes, this could really backfire. Andy Reid visited Marcus Peters' hometown during the draft preseason to do some undercover work on the talented cornerback. I guess he liked what he saw, as Reid is taking a big gamble on a player who quit on his team. Peters definitely has the talent, as he would've been a top-10 pick had he been clean off the field, but this is a big gamble in the top 20.

CBS Sports: C

I liked the move to get Peters and fourth-round corner Steven Nelson. They will really help upgrade the secondary. Second-round pick Mitch Morse could compete at both guard and center. There is nothing spectacular here, Peters has a chance to be a star.

Sporting News: C

They took a huge risk with Peters, who has shutdown potential as a big corner, but there should be real concern about whether he can respond to their coaching. Morse was a mild reach, but Conley was a good value. It’s just hard to think they really positioned themselves here to out-finish Denver and San Diego in the AFC West.

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