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For the Kansas City Chiefs, 2015 NFL Draft was about addressing needs

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Kansas City Chiefs 2015 undrafted free agent signings will continue but the Chiefs 2015 draft class is now complete with nine new players added this weekend.

My first reaction to the Chiefs draft is that the Chiefs hit on needs.

John Dorsey will say it was the best player available. Perhaps it's just a coincidence then that every Chiefs pick was on our list of needs before the draft. From cornerback to inside linebacker to receiver and even tight end and defensive end, the Chiefs hit on need after need. Whether that ends up meaning anything will come bear itself out over the next few years but the Chiefs had to be taking need into account with some of these picks.

A few more takeaways from the Chiefs draft:

The future at cornerback

Sean Smith isn't gone yet. But he very well could be next season when he hits free agency. And I bet the Chiefs aren't going to find as good of a player as Smith has been for that cheap. Corners are expensive which is why it's good to stack your roster with the cheap ones -- draft picks. Peters clearly has question marks about him but the Chiefs believe they have a strong enough locker room to handle this. And if the Chiefs have a strong enough locker room to handle "character" concerns or whatever you want to call it, that's a very good thing.

Eric Kush vs. Mitch Morse coming to a camp near you

This is your center competition. The Chiefs addressed this pick pretty early so those who thought center was a priority were probably right. Not many had Morse as a second round pick so I wouldn't automatically say he'll beat out Kush. But you don't draft a lineman with the 49th overall pick and not expect him to start -- soon.

Another Combine freak

Georgia WR Chris Conley was Dontari Poe-esque as one of the bigger stories from the entire Combine this year with his eye-popping numbers. The last Combine star worked out quite well for the Chiefs. (Hint: I'm talking about Dontari Poe)

Chiefs throw numbers at inside linebacker

Chiefs fifth round pick DJ Alexander is listed as an outside linebacker on all those scouting reports you're reading but the Chiefs said that he will be competing for time at inside linebacker. Along with Georgia's Ramik Wilson, who was drafted in the fourth round, the Chiefs selected two inside linebackers. Derrick Johnson and Josh Mauga are both there for 2015 but depth was needed and the Chiefs need future starters. It would be terrific if they could find a starter out of one of those two.

DT Rakeem Nunez-Roches is all about that run D

First, I love seeing tweets like this after the fact where they say the DT you got in the sixth round should've been taken in the third or fourth round.

Second, this from Pro Football Focus, can you tell where the new Chief excels?

That would be run defense. He played at nose and end in college so I'm not completely sure where KC will line him up in the pros. But his thing is run defense.

Two and three tight end sets return

With Anthony Fasano cut this offseason, the question was who would line up next to Travis Kelce in the Chiefs two and three tight end sets. Fifth round pick James O'Shaughnessy joins the competition with Demetrius Harris and Richard Gordon. He averaged nearly 19 yards per catch in college. calls him a basketball tight end. He didn't play against the country's best competition while at Illinois State so the Chiefs are projecting that his athleticism will help him at the next level.

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