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ESPN's Uni Watch calls Chiefs red on red jerseys the "blood-clot look"

The Pittsburgh Steelers have the No. 1 uniform in the NFL and the Kansas City Chiefs have the No. 10 uniform in the NFL according to ESPN's Uni Watch. How do you rank and judge uniforms? I have no idea. It's all subjective but that's the folks at Uni Watch have.

Here's what Uni Watch said about the Chiefs uniforms:

Much like the Bills, the Chiefs are a good-looking team that's lost points by going mono. Their red pants -- arguably the single best uniform component in the entire league when paired with the white jersey -- should never be used to create the blood-clot look (which the team has now experimented with for two consecutive seasons). Come on, people, you know Lamar Hunt would want you to use the red pants for good, not evil.

So they're counting the Chiefs down because of the red on red uniforms, which they have worn twice in the last two seasons for the first time.

I like the red on red uniforms and it seems most Chiefs fans do too. We ran a poll before the Denver Broncos game last year 92 percent of fans wanted the team to wear red on red (which they did).

I certainly wouldn't advocate going red on red full time. But for special occasions? Yes, please.

Denny Medley - USA Today Sports

It's Game Time.

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