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Can Travis Kelce hit 1,000 yards receiving for the Kansas City Chiefs?

I talked with Brandon Kiley on KTGR the other day and he had a good question:

Will Travis Kelce pass 1,000 yards receiving next season?

My initial reaction is probably not. I mean, a tight end over 1,000 yards? That seems unlikely, especially in the Chiefs offense. Not many receivers have hit 1,000 yards under Andy Reid so a tight end doing it doesn't seem likely.


Kelce had 862 yards yards receiving last season despite being a part-time player for part of the season. His week-by-week stats were actually pretty consistent despite not playing full-time snaps early in the season.

The problem he'll face is that defenses are going to pay more attention to him this year. I know Jeremy Maclin is in the fold but Kelce is such a dynamic playmaker that he will be one of those players that the defense points out before each play.

So that's what we're balancing here. He's going to presumably be playing more snaps and will have Maclin out there too but defenses will be focusing in on him more.

I'm going to say he won't hit 1,000 yards but I love that this is a legitimate question. What do you think?

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