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Are Kansas City Chiefs done at receiver? Here's one more option

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Rishard Matthews is not happy. It's also likely that the Miami Dolphins could not care less how their wide receiver feels.

In an offseason that saw Miami make several moves at wide receiver, including a trade for Kenny Stills, a selection of Devante Parker in the first round of the NFL Draft and the addition of veteran Greg Jennings, Matthews' spot on depth chart is a bit lower than he'd prefer. As a player with little-to-no leverage, however, the Dolphins lack any real motivation to move him.

Still Matthews is an intriguing wideout who could be available at a nice-enough price for other WR-needy teams to consider such a trade. Could it be the Chiefs? What would such a move take? We asked Kevin Nogle from The Phinsiderfor these answers and more.

Can Rishard Matthews make enough noise/drama to force action from the front office? Any history of dealing with this sort of issue from this regime?

Nogle: Matthews clearly is not happy with his role on the Dolphins offense, and he is skipping voluntary workouts because of it. The team looked to trade him last preseason, but there were not a lot of options then, and I have a feeling there are not a bunch of teams lined up to grab him now. When we start getting to mandatory workouts, it will be more interesting to see what Matthews does, given he will be accumulating fines that a 2012 seventh-round pick probably cannot afford for long.

The most recent version of something like this happened was with safety Reshad Jones, who started to miss voluntary workouts in 2013 as a sign he was not happy with his contract. The Dolphins sent players to convince him to come back, and worked with his agent to assure him they would take care of Jones, as long as he came to the workouts. He came back and the team gave him his extension later that summer. Of course, that was all under Jeff Ireland as the General Manager, not Dennis Hickey (and without Vice President of Football Operations Mike Tannenbaum).

The Dolphins tend to like to reward players who show up and do their work. This will be an interesting faceoff to watch.

The Fins have definitely made major investments at wideout this offseason. If Matthews has much to offer, why haven't the Dolphins' actions said as much?

Nogle: Matthews has shown a ton of potential and has been able to step up when he is needed. I just do not think the coaches see him as a starting caliber wideout yet. My best guess is that they see him as the fourth option next year, when the team is not likely to keep Greg Jennings at $5.5 million against the salary cap. Let Matthews work as the fifth wideout this year, seeing action if an injury occurs, and giving the young group of Matthews, Jarvis Landry, Kenny Stills and DeVante Parker the ability to learn from Jennings. Then, Parker and Landry become the head of the group in 2016, with Stills and Matthews the third and fourth wide receivers.

I also think the Dolphins may have planned to use Matthews as the fourth receiver this year, until Parker fell into their laps. The team always seemed determined to add a veteran to go over the top of Landry, Stills, and Matthews, but then, when the Draft happened and Parker was still on the board at pick 14, Miami had to pull the trigger. It hurts Matthews' chances at seeing as much playing time as he had hoped, but he should still see the field for the Dolphins this year and could grow into a bigger role with the team.

That would all seem to make sense, but, again, we will see how it all plays out.

What flashes have you seen that might make others interested?

Nogle: Matthews seems to be developing into a really nice possession type of receiver who makes good catches in traffic, and he can break some tackles. He's not destined to be a number one receiver who is out there playing like Calvin Johnson or Dez Bryant, but he could be a strong number three receiver who is going to get you that first down when you need it. He only had 12 receptions last year, but he had 41 in 2013 for 448 yards. He scored twice in each of the last two years. With only 12 receptions, there aren't a lot of "highlights" for Matthews last year (though you can find his two TDs on, but here is the 2013 highlight package for Matthews.

Not everything about Matthews is rosey, however, as he has had some discipline issues with the team. He was benched for a game last year for an undisclosed reason - but something Matthews said afterwards was the right decision by coach Joe Philbin. He's been fined for being late to meetings or practices, so there is some growing up Matthews needs to do from an off-field perspective as well.

The coaches are saying the right things, but what do you think of the chances are that they'd be up for trading him?

Nogle: I think they would if the deal was right. I don't know for sure what the right price is, but there has to be something out there that would make them pull that trigger.

If you had the guess the price it would take...?

Nogle: That's a great question, and one that is hard to answer. The Dolphins seem like they want to keep him, but they can't turn down a good offer for a fifth wide receiver. They drafted him with a seventh round pick and spent three years developing him, so I am guessing they would like to see a fifth-round pick in return. But that is absolutely a pure guess.

At the end of the day, Matthews being traded, kept, or cut would not surprise me in any direction. He has a role on the team, and he could fit in with many teams around the league. What offers could be out there, and what Miami would want for Matthews, is hard to guage at this point.

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