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Steven Borden says at Chiefs minicamp he's used to the Sting questions

Scott Barbour/Getty Images

Steven Borden Jr. is a tight end out of Kentucky who is trying out for the Kansas City Chiefs. Considering there are 69 players at this rookie minicamp it would be easy to lose him in the shuffle.

Except that, as we noticed on Saturday, he has a unique story because of who is father is: long-time pro wrestler Sting.

"I'm used to it by now," Borden told us on Sunday at the Chiefs rookie minicamp. "You're going to get a couple comments here and there in the locker room. Eventually most people see me as Steven Borden and that's what it is."

Borden said that his dad always pushed him to "make a name for myself outside of what he's done." He didn't shy away from any of our Sting questions but I didn't want to ask all about pro wrestling so we switched to what he can do on the field.

Here are a few things to know about Steven Borden:

  • "It's a completely different ball game coming here. You got the best players from college all on one field here."
  • He says the coaches in the NFL give him more detail on what they're doing.
  • He played tight end and h-back in college. He likes getting down the field and making plays.
  • He has known he wanted to be a football player since he was eight years old.

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