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Sting the wrestler's son is trying out for the Kansas City Chiefs

It's going to be tough to top this as the coolest story of the Kansas City Chiefs tryout players.

The son of the legendary wrestler Sting is among the Chiefs tryout players. His name is Steven Borden and he comes from Kentucky where he was a tight end.

It's not something that bothers Borden, but it's something he thinks about when it comes to his lofty aspirations for his football career.

"I have an extremely good relationship with my dad. I look up to him at every level, especially what he did professionally, but he always says, ‘I want you to go on and be successful — even more successful than me,'" Borden says.

The Chiefs list him as a 6'3 and 233 pounds.

Even though his dad was one of the greatest wrestlers in history (the story line leading up to Starrcade '97 was so amazing), he was never pushed into wrestling.

But since he was 8 years old, Borden Jr. has had his sights set on playing professional football. Wrestling was never something his dad pushed him toward.

"Even since I was very young, he's tried to push me away from wrestling," Borden Jr. says. "He didn't have to try very hard. I never sat there and said I want to be a wrestler."

What a cool story. I can't wait to see what he's got.

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