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Chiefs' Mitch Morse has been snapping footballs in his hotel room

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Kansas City Chiefs second round pick Mitch Morse figured out during the Combine process that he would probably be a guard or a center when he went to the NFL. That's because of his short arms.

"I have these short arms I had no idea about until I got to the Combine," Morse told the media on the first day of rookie minicamp on Saturday. "They were hounding me and said listen, you're inside for sure. So I started working on some snaps right after that."

Morse was selected 49th overall by the Chiefs on May 1 and he arrived in Kansas City last Sunday, May 10. He told us that he has been practicing his snaps ... in his hotel room.

In the room?

"In the room," he said.

How big is that room?

"It is not very big," he replied.

Is this a dorm room?

"This is the Chase Suites in Overland Park," he said as the media started laughing.

It was pretty funny. I can just imagine Morse and his 6'5, 291 pound roommate working on snaps together. What happens if he breaks a lamp while doing this? Do the Chiefs cover those incidentals? (Note to self: figure out this answer by tomorrow).

Morse said the playbook will be a challenge but he needs to be ahead of the curve when it comes to learning everything. He came off as a bright enough guy so I'm sure he'll get that down pat soon enough.

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