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Brits say this Chiefs tailgating picture is the most American thing ever

Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

BuzzFeed sent pictures of some very American things to their UK office and asked them to guess what the pictures were. There were biscuits and gravy and then there were corn dogs and a crunchwrap supreme from Taco Bell. Very American things.

They also included this picture of Chiefs fans tailgating at Arrowhead last year's home opener against the Titans. A few of the responses from their co-workers are spot-on (and a couple of them are not).

This is the most American thing I have ever seen in my life.

What's happening here is many children are following the wrong dads around because everyone accidentally wore the same outfit.

FOOTBALL!!!!! But not the good type. Looks like a bunch of Kansas fans having a jolly good time with their BBQs and six-packs in the car park before a game. Why in a car park? No fucking idea.

God knows. Republican National Convention?

This is a parking lot grill thing! There's a name for it. It's probably at NASCAR. There are flags and half of them are the stars and stripes. USA! USA! USA!

This is tailgating. It's the most popular sport in America. Occasionally they play a celebratory game of football at the end but people don't care as much about that because you can't eat or drink a football.

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