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Kansas City Chiefs 2015 draft picks get jersey numbers

We have numbers for the Kansas City Chiefs 2015 NFL Draft class. History says that some of these could change before we actually get to the season but this is what we're working with right now. Check out BJ Kissel's post for every player in Chiefs history who has worn these numbers.

No. 22 CB Marcus Peters

Peters wore No. 21 while at Washington and if you watch his tape he'll remind you of Sean Smith. Not only because of their physical coverage but also because Smith wears No. 21. I am already confusing Peters and Smith so perhaps after Smith leaves Peters should just go ahead and snag No. 21.

Notables: Dexter McCluster, Harvey Williams

No. 61 OL Mitch Morse

If you're superstitious, this is a good one for you. Two of the best centers in Chiefs history have worn this numbers. So did a Pro Football Hall of Famer. Clearly, Morse is going to the Hall of Fame now.

Notables: Curley Culp, Tim Grunhard, Rodney Hudson

No. 17 WR Chris Conley

From one speed receiver (Donnie Avery) to another. Let's hope that Conley lasts longer in KC than Avery did. This number has plenty of QB history in the 90s with Steve DeBerg and Dave Krieg. In recent Chiefs history this number was worn by Lance Long. And since I mentioned Lance Long, I must mention the Todd Haley quote: "I'll take 53 Lance Longs." Also of note in Chiefs history is Elmo Wright, who is often credited with the first touchdown dance. What a cool thing to be known for.

Notable: Donnie Avery, Steve DeBerg, Dave Krieg, Lance Long, Elmo Wright

No. 20 CB Steven Nelson

I made the pictures of these jerseys on the NFL's custom shop and for some reason you can't make a No. 20 "Nelson" jersey, thus the "S Nelson" on this jersey. But you can make a New England No. 12 "Deflator" jersey. Nelson could be replacing former Chief Chris Owens (who just signed in Detroit) as the nickel corner so that's kind of fitting. If he can have a career like Deron Cherry he'll be one of the Chiefs best third round picks of all time. No pressure, kid.

Notable: Deron Cherry, Thomas Jones, Chris Owens

No. 53 LB Ramik Wilson

Not a good one for you superstitious folks. This number doesn't have a very rich history.

Notable: Joe Mays, Mike Webster, Demorrio Williams

No. 57 LB DJ Alexander

Mike Maslowski's number. I still contend the Chiefs win a playoff game (or two) if Maslowski doesn't get hurt in 2003. No, I'm not bitter or anything.

Notable: Jerry Blanton, Nico Johnson, Mike Maslowski

No. 80 TE James O'Shaughnessy

No. 80 is one of those iconic numbers but not really in Kansas City. We'll always have Johnnie Morton doing the worm. A career anything like Fasano's and O'Shaughnessy will be a great pick.

Notable: Anthony Fasano, Lake Dawson, Johnnie Morton

No. 99 DT Rakeem Nunez-Roches

Love this number for RNR. Take a look at this picture and tell me he shouldn't be a No. 99. Such a great fit. This was also worn by Kendrell Bell, who signed with KC in 2005. That was the last run with Dick Vermeil's team and Bell was one of those free agents that was going to put them over the top. Not quite on Ty Law's level but close.

Notable: Kendrell Bell, Vaughn Booker, Jerrell Powe, Wilbur Young, Vance Walker

No. 4 WR Da'Ron Brown

Say what you want about Thigpen but he made that 2008 season watchable (in a "you know this team is awful but let's see some trick plays" sort of way).

Notable: Tyler Thigpen, Tyler Palko, Steve Fuller, Bryan Barker

NFL numbering system

There are plenty of exceptions made, especially during the offseason and preseason when there simply aren't enough numbers to go around but these are the rules:

Quarterbacks, punters, and placekickers: 1-19
Running backs and defensive backs: 20-49
Centers: 50-79
Offensive guards and tackles: 60-79
Wide receivers: 10-19 and 80-89
Tight ends and H-backs: 40-49 and 80-89
Defensive linemen: 50-79 and 90-99
Linebackers: 40-59* and 90-99

*Rule changed in 2015 to add 40-49 for linebackers.

Chiefs retired numbers

3 (K Jan Stenerud), 16 (QB Len Dawson), 18 (CB Emmitt Thomas), 28 (RB Abner Haynes), 33 (RB Stone Johnson), 36 (RB Mack Lee Hill), 58 (LB Derrick Thomas), 63 (LB Willie Lanier), 78 (LB Bobby Bell) and 86 (DT Buck Buchanan)

You'll note there is No. 88 there. I imagine that will be coming once Tony Gonzalez is elected into the Hall of Fame on the first ballot (because if Tony G. is not a first ballot HOFer than I don't know who is).

Additionally, Joe Delaney's No. 37 hasn't been worn since his death.

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