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NFL Draft 2015: Chiefs' John Dorsey explains why Marcus Peters is not a risky pick

Since the Kansas City Chiefs first round pick CB Marcus Peters was kicked off his team at Washington the pick is being talked about by some as a "risky" pick given Peters' run-ins with the coaching staff. The person who made the pick, GM John Dorsey, does not view it as a risky pick.

"Once you meet the kid, once you see where he's from," Dorsey said after the draft, via quotes from the Chiefs. "We go through a research process in terms of trying to find that out about players. If the truth be told, the kid came here. We met him at the combine. He sat with all the position coaches at the combine. I had the chance to have a side bar with him at the combine. We brought him here to the building for a day. And then, just this past week, Monday and Tuesday I believe it was, we sent Chris Ballard out to Oakland. He had a chance to sit down with the kid, his parents. We did very extensive research in regards to this person and we talked to his coaches, his former coaches. Listen, you know what the kid is: competitive. He's a very competitive kid. He's not a malicious kid whatsoever."

Dorsey said they talked to 15-20 people about Peters, which is pretty normal for them.

"You guys have known me long enough, if I didn't think he would fit in the culture or the environment of this community or the organization, he wouldn't be here," Dorsey said.

As for the on-field stuff, Dorsey is obviously a big fan. He gave the media this money quote:

"I think that he has probably got the best ball skills of any defensive back in this draft. I think he is incredibly physical in run support. I think he's got an incredible feel for the game of football. As one very famous defensive coordinator told me, he's the best defensive back in the last four years. He just sent me that text."

Dorsey and Andy Reid both thought that Peters would've been a top 10 pick had he not been kicked off his high school team.

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