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Dontari Poe's fifth year option for 2016 would be $6.1 million

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Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

We talked earlier this week about the Kansas City Chiefs May 3 deadline to pick up the fifth year option on Dontari Poe. I said that this was a no-brainer decision for the Chiefs to pick it up because there's very little risk in doing so (and, oh yeah, Poe is really freakin' good).

Now we have some numbers to attach to that. As the 11th pick in the 2012 NFL Draft, Poe's fifth year option number is $6.1 million, according to Joel Corry of CBS Sports.

That Poe was the 11th pick and not the 10th works in the Chiefs favor. The fifth year option for those selected between picks 11-32 is the average salary of the 3rd-25th players at the position, which is $6.1 million for defensive tackles. Top 10 picks in that draft have a fifth year option of the average of the top 10 highest paid players at that position.

If Poe were a top 10 pick, his option year would be $9.3 million. Since he was the 11th pick, it will only cost $6.1 million, a difference of over $3 million.

There's little question the Chiefs will pick it up by the May 3 deadline.