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How the Royals schedule could affect the Chiefs

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Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

While we know all of the Kansas City Chiefs 2015 opponents, we're still awaiting the 2015 NFL schedule, which is expected to be released sometime in April.

While we don't know the schedule yet, we can look for some hints in the Royals schedule. The Royals (that's baseball) share a parking lot with the Chiefs so the NFL usually doesn't schedule their games at the same time.

The Chiefs have started the season at home in four of the past five seasons. There are indications they could be starting at home again in 2015 -- if the Royals schedule factors in.

Here is the Royals home / away schedule for the first four weeks of the NFL season (these are Sundays):

Week 1 (9/13) AWAY

Week 2 (9/20) AWAY

Week 3 (9/27) HOME

Week 4 (10/4) AWAY

This doesn't necessarily mean the Chiefs will be at home when the Royals are away. The Chiefs could have an early bye week or they could be playing on Thursday night or Monday night on one of these weeks.

What I wouldn't mind seeing is another one of the longest days ever. That was back in 2010 when the Chiefs opened the season on Monday Night Football while the Royals played a game earlier in the day. I'd take that again.

Anyway, this doesn't mean one thing or another. Just something else to think about with the Chiefs schedule.