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Dorial Green-Beckham's 2015 NFL Draft stock is a mystery

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Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Does anyone know where former Mizzou WR Dorial Green-Beckham will go in the draft?

It wouldn't stun me if someone fell in love with his 6'5, 237-pound frame and picked him in the top half of the draft. Every year, there's a player with elite physical traits that some team falls in love with and drafts early. DGB is that type of player that some team could fall in love with based on his size. I watched one of his high school games and I can't get over seeing him sky over everyone on almost every ball thrown his way.

From the 15th pick to the 40th pick, I could see anything happen.

It also wouldn't stun me if he fell out of the first round. He has off-the-field issues and, if you haven't been following the NFL lately, teams are doing their due diligence on players with character risks. He also only ran a few routes at Mizzouand hasn't played football in over a year so there are plenty of question marks. He's no sure thing. Mike Mayock called him the poster child for boom or bust in this draft.

I have no idea if the Chiefs are interested in him. They did meet with him at the Combine when Dorsey said, ""Physically, we think he has all the gifts in the world. We've all admired him, all of us who have been in the state of Missouri and the Kansas City area, have seen him afar, have admired his physical traits. I think now what people want to do is get a feel for him as a person, see where he is at this state."

I just have no idea where he will go. From the 15th pick to the 40th pick, I could see anything happen. I follow draft coverage pretty closely and I feel confident in saying that no one else knows where DGB will go either.