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Who can topple Broncos in AFC West? Poll says Chiefs are most likely

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Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

We are a Kansas City Chiefs blog for Chiefs fans so if we asked on this blog which team is most likely to topple the Denver Broncos in the AFC West then the poll would be very, very skewed. Of course Chiefs fans on a Chiefs blog are going to say the Chiefs are the most likely to take down Denver.

Pro Football Talk recently ran a poll with (as of this posting) nearly 15,000 votes which asked the question: Which team is most likely to unseat the Broncos in the AFC West?

Maybe the Chiefs are the right pick. Maybe they just have more fans who vote on Internet polls. Whatever the case, the Chiefs are the top answer in this poll. The Raiders should be an afterthought. They're not in legitimate consideration for this answer. The Chargers have won between seven and nine games the last four seasons, including 9-7 the last two seasons so they're obviously a threat to make a run at the division.

I am obviously biased but I will take the Chiefs over the Chargers as the stronger bet to topple Denver in the AFC West this year. The Chargers might have a higher ceiling than the Chiefs because of their quarterback but they also have just one playoff appearance in the last five years so they're not hitting that ceiling very often. The Chiefs under Andy Reid have won 20 regular season games in two seasons and the Chiefs as a 10-win team feels about right. Their floor is fairly high.

Now everyone else just needs Denver to blow it.