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2015 NFL mock draft: Washington Redskins select...

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Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

With the fifth pick in the 2015 Arrowhead Pride mock draft, Washington Redskins GM DataBeard selects...

Clemson OLB Vic Beasley

With Brian Orakpo stepping out of the picture, there is a hole at OLB that needs to be filled. With the recent trade for Dashon Goldson, there is an obvious focus on fixing the 24th ranked pass defense as well as bringing in a safety that can stone backs in run support. One would think drafting a top corner would be the way to fix said porous pass defense, but in Washington's case, they need another pass rusher to make this defense work.

Other considerations are the additions of DeMarco Murray and Ryan Mathews to the Eagles backfield, and let's be honest ... an average back could find success running behind that o-line in Dallas.

Beasley is a pass rusher by trade, but has put on an extra 10 pounds of playing weight without losing any of the athleticism that makes him a first round pick. The raw pass-rushing talent is there while the run-stopping technique will need to be coached.

So why do they pass on Randy Gregory here? Don't the ‘Skins love players from Lincoln and the Big 12? Washington has been doing their best to draft high character guys, and Gregory may bring too much baggage for their taste.

Plus, this:

Mock draft order

1. Bucs - QB Jameis Winston

2. Titans - WR Amari Cooper

3. Jaguars - DT Leonard Williams

4. Raiders - WR Kevin White