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2015 NFL mock draft: Jacksonville Jaguars select...

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

With the third pick in the 2015 Arrowhead Pride mock draft, Jacksonville Jaguars GM clintonraymiller selects...

USC DT Leonard Williams

When looking at the Jaguars roster I see a lot of holes. In an ideal world, I could easily see trading back for more picks, but in this mock scenario, that is not an option. So we will be looking at drafting a pass rusher, offensive tackle, or wide receiver. As old saying goes, you have to protect the quarterback and get after the quarterback.

In this scenario, I have opted to go with Leonard Williams, DE from USC as there is not an offensive tackle worthy of No. 3 overall. Some have him as the top overall talent in the draft, so the Jags are ecstatic that the Titans chose to draft Amari Cooper. Williams is a supremely gifted interior lineman with length, athleticism, power, and should anchor the Jags pass rush for years. I would look to address offensive tackle and inside linebacker in the next two rounds, while adding wide receiver and secondary help in the mid rounds.

Mock draft order

1. Bucs - QB Jameis Winston

2. Titans - WR Amari Cooper

3. Jaguars - DT Leonard Williams