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Sean Smith's agent says he's comfortable playing out final year of his contract with Chiefs

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The Sean Smith contract may end up being one of GM John Dorsey's best contracts. As you see players like Byron Maxwell sign six-year, $63 million contracts in free agency, remember that the Kansas City Chiefs got CB Sean Smith for $16.5 million over three years. It was a solid value back then and the way Smith played last year it was an even better deal for the Chiefs.

Smith signed that three year deal two years ago so he has one year remaining on his contract. The franchise tag could be an option after the 2015 season but the Chiefs will also be dealing with the contracts for Justin Houston and Dontari Poe at that time (not to mention Derrick Johnson) so maybe it's not the best option.

David Canter, the agent for Smith, joined KTGR with Brandon Kiley (@BKSportsTalk) and said there are no talks going on with the Chiefs right now.

"It's not something we're interested in discussing right now," Canter told Kiley regarding extension talks with the Chiefs. "If the team is {interested), they can approach me when they want."

Canter indicated that they're looking forward to hitting free agency after this season.

"Sean and I have obviously had a lot of conversations about it," Canter told Kiley. "He's very comfortable playing out the year and becoming an unrestricted free agent at 29 (years old), which is the reason we did a three year deal. We did that deal specifically so that Sean could hit the free agent market again once the numbers had popped and once the money had significantly increased.

"This city has been great for him and he has loved his two years there and he's excited to get back and play again this year. He loves Andy Reid and loves John Dorsey. It's up to them if they want to make us an offer. We'll talk about it, we would discuss it but it's certainly not something we're going to push with them."

I remember acknowledging that the length of his contract with the Chiefs was a smart decision for him because he would have another crack at free agency when he's on the right side of 30 and the money is still flowing. Smith will be 28 years old next March so another strong season and he could pull in some serious money. That's why I can't blame his camp for eyeing free agency.

Consider a similar case in Rodney Hudson. It was reported that during the season the Chiefs offered him a deal averaging $6 million per year. He did not take that deal. Instead he waited to hit free agency where the Oakland Raiders paid him $9 million per season. Sometimes betting on yourself is the right move.

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