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"Home of the Chiefs" at the Royals game

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Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

It's Opening Day for the Kansas City Royals who look to defend their American League title (that's still the weirdest true sentence ever).

The Royals are playing here at home in Kauffman Stadium and after the National Anthem I saw a few of these tweets....

...and they're right. Chiefs fans shouldn't be saying "Home of the Chiefs" at Royals games. I'm not talking about when fans do this at Arrowhead. I'm talking about when they do it other places, including the Kansas, Missouri and Kansas State games. I don't think Chiefs fans should do this any place other than Arrowhead (probably with a few exceptions I can't think of right now).

I know for a fact there are plenty of people who will disagree with this. What do you think?