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2015 NFL mock draft: Tennessee Titans select...

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Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

With the second pick in the 2015 Arrowhead Pride mock draft, Tennessee Titans GM Super_G selects...

Alabama WR Amari Cooper

Marcus who?  Ohhh... More like Marcus MariNOta.

After seeing system QB after system QB fail in the NFL, the Titans show their lack of belief in Mariota by passing on him.  The Titans may have something in Mettenberger and they are going to try and build a team around him.

Cooper provides an excellent and immediate security blanket for Mettenberger.  With Cooper's sure hands and ability to run short and intermediate routes; any quarterback throwing for the Titans will be well served.

The reason for the term ‘any quarterback' in the prior sentence is referring to what the Titans may do in the future. Mariota may be a good quarterback, but he is not a sure thing. If the Titans fail with Mettenberger they will be in a good place next season to draft a much better quarterback than Mariota due to the solid draft and free agency quarterback crop of 2016.  Drafting Cooper and passing on Mariota is the best long term ‘sure thing' option for the Titans that won't potentially set them back more than rolling with Mettenberger will.

Mock draft order

1. Bucs - QB Jameis Winston

2. Titans - WR Amari Cooper