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Some teams starting offseason programs today, but the Chiefs aren't

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

You'll notice that some teams are starting their 2015 offseason program today. The Kansas City Chiefs are not one of those teams.

The CBA says that teams with NEW head coaches can begin their offseason program two weeks before everyone else. That would be today. Everyone else begins their offseason program on April 20, including the Chiefs.

Two years ago when Andy Reid was hired the Chiefs were one of those teams who could start their offseason two weeks earlier than everyone else. But now that Reid and co. are already here the Chiefs are back to starting with everyone else.

Earlier this week, the NFL announced the full offseason schedule for each team. For the Chiefs, that would be:

Start date: April 20

Rookie minicamp: May 16-18

OTAs: May 26-28, June 2-4, June 9-12

Mandatory minicamp: June 16-18

The first two weeks of the Chiefs offseason program is phase one, which is basically just conditioning-related things. The second phase is the next three weeks and that brings coaches onto the field for on-field instruction. The third and final phase is the final month of the offseason program and that includes the OTAs and mandatory minicamp.

It's probably a good thing the Chiefs offseason doesn't start today considering what's going on next door today.