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2015 NFL mock draft: Tampa Bay Buccaneers select...

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Phil Sears-USA TODAY Sports

With the first pick in the 2015 Arrowhead Pride mock draft, Tampa Bay Buccaneers GM KC Carpenter selects...

Florida State QB Jameis Winston

This pick was fairly easy. While I have touted BPA all offseason, there is always at least one exception to every rule. In this case, if you do not have a franchise QB, you have to get a potential franchise quarterback and hope it works out.

Taking Leonard Williams turns this team into the Bills. You do not want to be the Bills. A case could also be made for Marcus Mariota at numer one.  While I don't dispute that, I believe that the Buccaneers will prefer the quarterback with more experience in a pro-style offense.  The fact that Winston stays in Florida is a bonus. Further, I'd prefer not to be "that guy," in this mock.

Mock draft order

1. Bucs - QB Jameis Winston