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Arrowheadlines: Kansas City Chiefs News 4/6

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Good morning! Light day, but here's your Kansas City Chiefs news. Enjoy!

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Mailbag, part II: Will Eric Fisher become LT Chiefs need? from ESPN

We'll see whether he does but if not, that's a huge red flag for his development and his future as the Chiefs' left tackle. As you'll recall, Eric Fisher had surgery at the beginning of the offseason last year to repair a balky shoulder. As a result, he was unable to lift weights with his upper body and get the strength he needed to become a high-quality left tackle. He has no such restrictions this year so if he doesn't come back a much stronger (and better) player, you have to wonder whether that's ever going to happen. Video: Chiefs Blueprint: Episode One

City grad Adrian Coxson to visit Kansas City Chiefs on Monday, sources say from The Baltimore Sun

Stony Brook wide receiver Adrian Coxson has a visit with the Kansas City Chiefs on Monday, according to sources.

Coxson has also been invited to attend the New York Giants' local workout day on April 9, the New York Jets on April 10 and the Ravens on April 21.

2015 NFL Mock Draft: CB Trae Waynes lands in New York from CBS Sports

18. Kansas City Chiefs -- Wake Forest CB Kevin Johnson: With Sean Smith and Jamell Fleming both entering contract years, the cornerback position is one direction the Chiefs could go with this pick and Johnson fits the mold of what Kansas City looks for in the position.

NFL legend hosts Easter event for Valley homeless from AZ Central

Holidays are a stressful time for the Valley's homeless population, a time when many feel further from their family and friends.

Many organization have stepped up over the years to help the less fortunate, including former NFL great Nick Lowery.

Lowery says his 18 seasons as a kicker, most of them for the Kansas City Chiefs, would be meaningless if he couldn't give something back.

Day Three Draft Blueprint from

In this case, we're going to have to ignore the Bucs' own history with our recommendation. That's because, despite all the respectable names in the above paragraph, what really drew our eye was the number of big, power running backs who entered the league in the 100-109 range. Since 2000, that list includes Houston's Domanick Williams, Cincinnati's Rudi Johnson, the New York Giants' Brandon Jacobs, the Dallas Cowboys' Marion Barber, the Oakland Raiders' Michael Bush, the San Francisco's Michael Robinson and Kansas City Chiefs fullback Omar Easy. While the 2015 class of running backs is not considered especially top-heavy - and backs are increasingly being shut out of the earliest picks - it is considered deep, with a variety of types.