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Marcus Peters to Chiefs: Watch Andy Reid explain the pick

Kansas City Chiefs coach Andy Reid spoke to the media following the Chiefs selection of Washington CB Marcus Peters in the 2015 NFL Draft. Watch the video above courtesy of the Chiefs and read a few notes of his presser below.

Andy Reid press conference notes:

"We're excited about adding him to an already explosive defense at a very important position."

Reid said they visited with Peters and his family recently. They also brought him into KC for a visit and visited him with him at the Combine. Reid said that Peters and Chiefs assistant coach and former player Al Harris are similar. "I think he really respects Al," Reid said. "And then Emmitt, how can you not respect Emmitt?"

Reid said he is close with Washington head coach Chris Peterson, who suspended Peters from Washington. "I think he learned from it," Reid said.

Peters' father was a high school coach and a disciplinarian.

"We look forward to bringing him into a very strong locker room here with great coaches to support him."

Reid cited his playmaking ability. "I'll be honest with you, I felt he was the best corner in this draft."

Reid said he is a physical player who tackles well.

He's not a problem in the locker room or off the field, according to Reid.

Reid said he would've been a top 10 pick if he hadn't been kicked out of Washington.

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