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That time Clark Hunt broke the Chiefs rules about having food in the draft room

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Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The Chiefs website has a funny story with Andy Reid talking about his first day in Kansas City two years ago. Watch it here and read what Reid said below.

"So here we are, year one. John Dorsey and myself in the draft room prepping for the first pick in our first draft. Dorsey's laying out the rules, man. He tells everybody in the draft room, all 30 of us sitting in there - scouts, pro and college, a couple coaches, myself - about the rules.

"The No. 1 rule is: No food in the draft room ever. Ever, ever, ever, ever. In concrete, EVER. This goes on through the whole offseason. We get to draft day and we have this massive spread that we put on here. Some of the best food you've ever had.

"Clark Hunt comes along and he has got one of everything on his plate. I mean, it's heaped on there. Filet mignon, I mean, it's the best of the best. It's heaped on this plate. Big sign outside that draft room says, "No food in the draft room". Dorsey's posted it there, it's there in technicolor, it's there.

"Clark goes right past the sign, into the draft room, sits down. A complete hush takes over the draft room. And he starts munching away. I mean, he's into this plate. I look at Dorse and I go, "Hey big boy, what are you going to say about that?"

"The place erupts, it just erupts, Clark included. Needless to say, Clark was able to finish his meal in the draft room. You gotta love it, huh? You gotta love it. Some rules you learn real quick can be expanded as we'd say and that one changed. I went out and made sure that we got the point clear -- no food in the draft room with the exception of Clark Hunt and I wrote it in Sharpie on the side."