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2015 NFL mock draft: Packers writer on John Dorsey and the Chiefs

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Everyone has their own 2015 NFL mock draft out by now but I'm keeping an eye on some of those mock drafts that may have a connection to the Kansas City Chiefs.

Bob McGinn of the Journal-Sentinel who covers the Green Bay Packers and used to cover John Dorsey is one of those with a mock draft out and believe it or not he is actually one of the best mock drafters out there. Of course, that only takes a 25 percent success rate to be one of the best.

Anyway, McGinn's mock can be read here. For the Chiefs, he selects Texas A&M OT Cedric Ogbuehi.

"The Chiefs lost Rodney Hudson to Oakland in March and have untested Eric Kush atop the depth chart at center," McGinn writes. "Tackle, however, might be an even more pressing need."

Tackle could be "more pressing" because it's generally harder to find a quality tackle than a quality center. That I would agree with and it takes into account the value of certain positions -- tackle is generally more valuable than center.

As for the actual player, there's some risk involved. He tore his ACL in Texas A&M's bowl game and one (anonymous) scout said he's had back issues his whole career. McGinn has him rated as the fourth best tackle in the draft.

On the plus side, he has started a lot of games at both guard and tackle. The Chiefs will like that. He also has very long arms and we know how John Dorsey likes those long arms on his linemen. The Chiefs have tackles on the roster (Donald Stephenson, Jeff Allen) but both are entering the final year of their contracts so the timeline here would make sense if Ogbuehi needed extra time given the ACL tear in January.

This is a smart breakdown on Ogbuehi from Lance Zierlein, who knows the o-line well.