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NFL Draft 2015: Kansas City Chiefs continue scouting long snappers

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Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

The Kansas City Chiefs appear to be preparing for quite the long snapper competition.

The Chiefs, who already have three long snappers on the roster, were checking out another one at the Navy pro day, according to's Gil Brandt. Long snapper Joe Cardona has quite the story, per Brandt:

Cardona will graduate in May and be commissioned into the Marine Corps as a logistics officer. An NFL team can sign him and place him on a military reserve list. Cardona could be eligible to petition for an early release from his military commitment. He could serve two years of active duty and six more years in the reserves. The team that eventually gets Cardona will be lucky to have him because the club's long-snapping problems will be taken care of for a number of years.

The Chiefs have a whopping three long snappers on the roster right now -- Brandon Hartson, Jorgen Hus and James Winchester. They let long-time snapper Thomas Gafford hit free agency last month and he ended up signing with the Chicago Bears.

I'll be curious to see how long the Chiefs carry this many long snappers. Perhaps they need the bodies for offseason workouts, which begin on April 20.