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Chiefs' Eric Fisher took up boxing and shed 20-30 pounds of body fat

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Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

The issue with Eric Fisher going into the 2014 season was his strength. He had offseason shoulder surgery after the 2013 season which prevented him from lifting weights to put on strength. It was something everyone saw coming and it was an issue at times last season.

It's great news then to hear that Fisher says he shed 20-30 pounds of body fat but was able to keep his weight up heading into his third NFL season.

"I weighed in this morning at 314," Fisher said, via quotes from the Chiefs. "Honestly, I cut like 20, 30 pounds of body fat. I'm feeling really good. I think I'm in the best shape I've ever been in in my life, especially at that weight. Last year, not being able to work out and do the things I wanted to do for six months. It probably wasn't the best weight I put on last year. I did get up there into the teens, but this year I'm feeling really good. My body is feeling good, mind is feeling good, and I am ready to go."

I usually make a joke about someone saying they're "in the best shape of my life" but that's actually important for Fisher. "Feeling good and ready to go" was a theme throughout his press conference. One of the ways he stayed in shape is through boxing, which he picked up while working out in Michigan this offseason.

"I've really never boxed before," Fisher said, "but I know my punch is one of the things I really needed to develop this offseason. And I knew going into the offseason that it was something I wanted to do and get in to. I couldn't believe the workout you can get from boxing - the hand work and the hand quickness. I really think that brought me a long way. I've been keeping it going here in KC. We have a couple heavy bags out there on the turf field. I brought my gloves back with me and sticking at it."

Fisher's probably not squaring up with Floyd Mayweather anytime soon but a 6'7, 314-pound boxer? Got damn! That's gotta be intimidating for whoever went up against him.

This is year three for Fisher, which is a big one. He'll have two years under his belt and a full offseason to work on his technique and get stronger. If he's going to turn the corner, this will be the year.