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NFL Draft smokescreen? 'Don't rule out Chiefs taking RB in first round'

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A few weeks ago I wrote that I can't see any way the Kansas City Chiefs take a running back in the first round. However, there is apparently a draft rumor floating around that the Chiefs could do just that.

NFL Network's Daniel Jeremiah was on Jason McIntyre's radio show over the weekend and he was asked what the best smoke screen is that he's heard so far this year (understanding that you don't know for sure what is and isn't a smoke screen until the draft is over).

Jeremiah's answer:

"The best smoke screen ... and again, who knows, maybe it comes true ... I was told at one point time, this goes back a couple weeks, don't rule out the Chiefs taking a running back in the first round. Trying to make sense of that, I go well they've got Jamaal Charles. Well, Andy Reid could use Jamaal Charles and take some load off of him and use him some in the slot and get creative. It was, hey don't rule out the Chiefs taking a running back, which definitely caught me off guard."

I could get on board with most positions for the Chiefs but this one would cause me some serious pause, namely because of Jamaal Charles, who you hope can play at a high level for a couple more seasons. The Chiefs also spent a third round pick on Knile Davis and a fourth round pick on sometimes-used-in-the-backfield De'Anthony Thomas. This one would make me scratch my head.

Here's a theory on this though. What if the Chiefs are creating the idea that they want a running back so that a team behind them wants to trade up with them and select one?

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