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Chiefs 2015 NFL Draft: No. 2 WR or No. 2 TE more important?

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I saw an interesting question recently:

Is it a bigger priority for the Kansas City Chiefs to draft a No. 2 receiver or a No. 2 tight end?

At receiver, the Chiefs currently have Jeremy Maclin slotted in as the top guy. From there, the Chiefs like young guy Albert Wilson, who flashed some good things near the end of the season. Jason Avant is back this year as are a number of others competing for time.

At tight end, the Chiefs obviously have Travis Kelce leading the way after Anthony Fasano was cut. Demetrius Harris is entering his third season and the Chiefs liked him enough to bring him back after an injury ended his 2014 season early.

To answer the question, I think a No. 2 tight end is more important at the moment. I'm basing this off of what the Chiefs currently have at each position. Avant is a reliable veteran and there is hope with Wilson at receiver. With the tight end position, the Chiefs are pretty bare after Kelce. Harris hasn't actually done anything at the NFL level while Avant has and Wilson has done a little bit.

I'm also a huge fan of the Chiefs two tight end sets. The versatility that offers with a player like Jamaal Charles threatening to run is important for the Chiefs.

On the flip side, there's this nugget about this particular draft class.

Which one is a bigger priority for you?