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NFL Draft 2015: Here's what KC Chiefs can expect with four top 100 picks

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Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

I was listening to Danny Parkins and Carrington Harrison on 610 Sports the other day and they were looking back at some of the Kansas City Chiefs NFL Drafts where they had as many top 100 picks as they do this year. The Chiefs have four such picks this year at Nos. 18, 49, 80 and 98 overall.

History says the Chiefs will be getting multiple impact players with those picks. I checked out the recent history of the Chiefs and picks in the top 100 players and it's getting me excited about this draft. Check out this list of top 100 picks in recent memory and imagine getting similar type of impact as some of these drafts.

2013: LT Eric Fisher, TE Travis Kelce, RB Knile Davis, LB Nico Johnson

Imagine getting a player at any position that is on Kelce's level, considered one of the up and coming stars in the league. The Chiefs could get a star defensive end or a No. 2 receiver or a stud inside linebacker. Getting a player who breaks out like Kelce did at any position would help the team immediately.

2012: DT Dontari Poe, G Jeff Allen, T Donald Stephenson

If the Chiefs hadn't drafted Poe here, they'd still probably be looking for a nose tackle. Those dudes are hard to find. Combine that with two solid offensive linemen and this is a pretty good start to the 2012 draft.

2011: WR Jon Baldwin, C Rodney Hudson, LB Justin Houston, DE Allen Bailey

Obviously you don't want to bust on the first round pick but the Chiefs could do well with three really solid players like Hudson, Houston and Bailey. I"ll put an emphasis on solid players like Hudson and Bailey because I'm not expecting to find one of the NFL's best defensive players in the third round of this draft as the Chiefs did with Houston.

2010: S Eric Berry, RB Dexter McCluster, CB Javier Arenas, G Jon Asamoah, TE Tony Moeaki

This is one of those drafts where there is strength in numbers. The Chiefs had a first, two second round picks and two third round picks. You're bound to hit on some players there. Berry and Asamoah were hits, even if one of those isn't a Chief anymore. Moeaki obviously has his injury history but what if the Chiefs found a player in this draft who impacted the team in the same way that Moeaki did in 2010? He was one of the Chiefs top pass catchers that year and made a legitimate difference.

2009: DE Tyson Jackson, DE Alex Magee

I just this here to remind you how awful the 2009 draft was.

2008: DT Glenn Dorsey, LT Branden Albert, CB Brandon Flowers, RB Jamaal Charles, TE Brad Cottam, DB DaJuan Morgan

The gold standard for NFL drafts. Find me another team's draft -- minus the ones with franchise quarterbacks -- that are equal to this one. The Chiefs found a defensive tackle who will play in the league for a decade, a franchise left tackle, a very good starting cornerback (and another one in the fifth round) along with the NFL's best running back. Those three consecutive picks there -- Albert, Flowers and Charles -- are what you dream of when it comes to the NFL Draft.

Before 2008, the Chiefs went on a loooong stretch with a lot of drafts and not a lot of high picks. I have to go back to 1999 before I can find another draft where the Chiefs had four picks in the top 100.