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Kansas City Chiefs could get the 2015 NFL Draft's top cornerback at No. 18

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Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

We are just a few days away from the 2015 NFL Draft and we still have little idea of who the Kansas City Chiefs will be picking on Thursday night. I go back and forth between offensive tackle, defensive end and linebacker, among other positions.

This week my mind is changing to cornerback, which seems as likely as any other option for the Chiefs. And if the Chiefs are looking at cornerback, it's possible they could get the top cornerback on their board at pick No. 18.

Many will say Michigan State CB Trae Waynes is the top corner in the draft. But Pro Football Talk's Mike Florio reports that multiple teams have Wake Forest CB Kevin Johnson as the top corner on their boards. Johnson has been available with the 18th pick in plenty of mock drafts (if only the mock drafts were reality).

Johnson has an interesting NFL comparable on his NFL Combine page: Sam Shields, a Packers cornerback who recently earned a multi-year contract extension. Chiefs GM John Dorsey of course was with the Packers when they picked up Shields as an undrafted free agent.

We know that Dorsey prefers cornerbacks who are tall and both Johnson and Waynes can check that box as they stand six feet tall and both can play press coverage which is important in the Chiefs scheme.

I'm starting to get to the point where I would feel comfortable with Johnson or Waynes as the pick.