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Watch this Kansas City Chiefs fan prank call C-SPAN

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I have no idea what the background is on this or when it happened but this is video of a Kansas City Chiefs fan from Lebnanon, Missouri named "Gonzo" pranking C-SPAN. It's a show where they take callers and the topic appears to be on drone strikes.

Here is what "Gonzo" from Lebanon said on C-SPAN

For me really it comes down to the ends do not justify the means. One thing I decided is, you know, innocent Americans, you've got Anwar al-Awlaki, who was killed, and then Laurent Duvernay-Tardif, who was injured, really opened my eyes on unnecessary drone usage. I also believe it breaks international law. The charter is clear on what's allowed and what isn't. I could cite former UN member Sabby Piscitelli that drone strikes, you know, they do do break human rights treaties. In the end I simply think there are other methods that work better in the John Dorsey era such as paying Justin Houston or drafting a wideout.

Judging by this thread, Chiefs Planet is responsible for this.