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Arrowheadlines: Kansas City Chiefs News 4/26

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Good morning! Here's your Kansas City Chiefs news. Enjoy.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Mailbag: Should Chiefs draft Todd Gurley if he's available? from ESPN

If the Chiefs are truly serious about drafting the best player available without regard to position, I can't see how Gurley wouldn't at least be part of the discussion. But the Chiefs already have a running back in Jamaal Charles, though he is 28, an advanced age for a running back. They also seem comfortable with Knile Davis, drafted as the backup two years ago. To answer your question, I don't see the Chiefs doing that, but it also wouldn't be a big surprise. Video: Chiefs Blueprint: Episode 4

NFL 2015 Draft: Chiefs' 13 visits include only 1 OL from CBS Sports

Although the Kansas City Chiefs are supposed to need offensive linemen, the team invited only one for a private visit in preparation for the NFL Draft that begins Thursday in Chicago.

There were four defensive linemen and three cornerbacks among the 13 prospects the Chiefs met, according to an unofficial list compiled by

The lone O-lineman was Georgia Southern tackle Garrett Frye. The team showed more curiosity in Iowa State defensive tackle David Irving, the only player who the Chiefs saw in a campus workout and a visit to the team facility.

CHIEFS DRAFT COUNTDOWN: #5 WINNING NOW from Warpaint Illustrated

What both men preach is the belief this football team is poised to win now. Reid wouldn't say it nor would Dorsey in their media sessions this week, but looking at this team as a whole, they have some championship qualities.

I know I'm being a bit redundant but the Chiefs should win the AFC West in 2015. I know the schedule is a killer but I like the match-ups defensively and offensively regardless of location.

Now I'm sure Reid and Dorsey might not share my thoughts on the schedule but it's the one both men have to build their team around in 2015. That's why this draft is so important.

Around the NFL: Browns past and present were with Chiefs, Farmer in 2012 from The Times-Reporter

A crowd announced at 62,422 saw Brandon Weeden, the No. 22 overall pick of the 2012 draft, sacked on his first dropback. Reggie Hodges punted.

Quinn, the No. 22 overall pick of the 2007 draft, got a 23-yard gain to Dwayne Bowe out of the Chiefs' first passing play. Quinn's second attempt again went to Bowe, for 47 yards, sandwiched between two runs by Peyton Hillis that took the ball to the 3.

Then the worm turned.

The Browns went on to a 30-7 victory on a Sunday even diehards barely recall.

The obscure game stands as a study in how current events hit a wormhole and become ancient history in the Not For Long league.

Relationship attests to how sports should be from The News-Press

The team wants unwavering support and as much money as they can take off our hands. Oftentimes, not in that order. The players want unwavering support from the fans and as much money as they can take off the team's hands. Definitely not in that order. Fans want many things.

Fans want the team to win and if it can't do that, at least go about trying to win the right way. Fans want the players to do their best and to care about winning. The fans want to believe that their unabashed support will help the players perform better and ultimately help the team win. At the end of the day, deep down, the fan wants to matter.

For years now, this relationship triangle has become more intense, but not necessarily closer. All the sports channels, websites and new media platforms have led to an explosion of information and resentment between all three groups. Until this month when a team, a fan and a player showed us how it really can be.

Joe Medley: A good reason to enjoy the draft locally from The Anniston Star

For Jacksonville High standout Jake Smith, coming off a stellar career as a Louisville offensive lineman, gives us another potential local connection.

This comes a year after Dee Ford came home to celebrate his draft night. The former Oxford pipeliner whose parents moved to Odenville still has family in Calhoun County and came back to throw a memorable draft party at the former Ambitions.

Max Out Your Strength and Speed With This NFL Combine Training Plan from

Since their Pro Days, these athletes have seen their stock rise significantly. Dexter was invited to visit and work out for the Arizona Cardinals, Oakland RaidersNew England Patriots and Washington Redskins. Devante and Keon were both invited in for official visits by the Kansas City Chiefs, and Cassius was invited to work out for the Baltimore Ravens the week before the start of the NFL Draft.

NFL Mock Draft: Bucs at risk selecting Winston No. 1 from The Wichita Fall Time Record News

18. Chiefs select D.J. Humphries, OT, Florida — The Chiefs are also in the market for a receiver, but have spent a lot of time researching the top offensive tackles.