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Mel Kiper, Todd McShay mock draft give Chiefs a quarterback in third round

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Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

The latest three-round mock draft is in from ESPN's Mel Kiper and Todd McShay, and the pair of analysts alternated picks on TV as they looked forward to the 2015 NFL Draft.

For the Kansas City Chiefs, the most interesting aspect of the top 100 picks is that they have the team avoiding both lines entirely -- not a single offensive or defensive lineman was taken by the Chiefs. However, they did address areas of potential interest and need, including another quarterback investment.

1st Round - No. 16 - Jaelen Strong, WR, Arizona State

Kiper's take: "I just like the fit. Strong has underrated speed to beat defenses deep, but also gives them size to make contested catches. He might even catch a touchdown pass."

We've seen this pick before, so no major surprise here that the Chiefs would consider Strong (and that we'll also hear one of 200 mentions of KC receivers catching no touchdowns).

Plausibility: 8 of 10

2nd Round - No. 49 - Damarious Randall, S, Arizona State

McShay's take: "The Chiefs need to upgrade their secondary, and Randall can fit at either safety or nickel cornerback. They already got their receiver in Jaelen Strong in Round 1."

The Chiefs will likely add help in the secondary at some point in the first three rounds. The Chiefs have a solid trio for 2015, but that's depending on Tyvon Branch's health holding up and future investment here would definitely be nice. Still no OL or CB help through two rounds would be an interesting development.

Plausibility: 5 of 10

3rd Round - No. 80 - Jake Ryan, LB, Michigan

Kiper's take: "Ryan hits a clear need at inside linebacker. The value works here and he has a chance to push for starter reps."

This feels like the best blend of fit, need and value so far in this mock draft. The Chiefs re-signed Josh Mauga, but everyone would feel better if he was being relied on as an experienced back-up and special teams player than starter. Derrick Johnson is an impact player coming off of an injury that lessens a player's impact. Any inside linebacker investment within the first few rounds is a smart one.

Plausability: 10 of 10

3rd Round - No. 98 - Brett Hundley, QB, UCLA

Kiper's take: "I know my coach (Andy Reid) loves to draft a QB to develop as a keeper or a trade chip, and Hundley has talent to mold."

Given that the Chiefs already have talent to mold that they've already invested in with Aaron Murray and even Tyler Bray alongside Chase Daniel and Terrelle Pryor, this would be pretty shocking. (If the Chiefs trade / release Daniel, that could change things.) It's not surprising the Chiefs could take a quarterback, but rather that they would do so before day three. If Hundley is high enough on the board, Dorsey will make the move, but it's hard to believe the Chiefs wouldn't continue to address positions with need (OL or DL, especially) within the top 100.

Plausibility: 2 of 10