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Jamaal Charles feels like he's 21 years old again

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Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

A few weeks ago, Mrs. Arrowhead Pride and I visited Chris, my brother and co-foundereditor of the site, in Washington D.C. Chris and I spent our evenings at the local bar talking football and we had to wake up early to go to every museum in town for some sightseeing. I said then that I felt like I was 21 years old in college again the way we were staying out late and getting up early to do something educational.

Jamaal Charles recently said he feels like he's 21 years old again ... but for very different reasons.

Jamaal is getting older -- at least in the NFL, which considers 30 to be elderly -- but on a per-play basis he remains as effective as ever. So maybe he really does feel like he's 21 again.